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Clients’ experience with “Realtor Rod” as their Real Estate Agent helping them sell their home

“Realtor Rod, helped us sell our dad’s Pleasant Grove house after our dad passed away. Each of the three of us live out of state so we needed a realtor that was attentive to those details that distance prevented us from dealing with ourselves. Rod helped us prepare Dad’s house for showings by arranging lawn care, carpet cleaning, minor repairs, and all the little things that made a big difference. Because of Rod’s past experience as a real estate appraiser, he is well connected with professional tradesmen and knows who to call when help is needed to prepare homes and properties for sale. The sale of our property involved working with multiple owners which made it a bit more complex, but Rod got the job done and the house was sold in a timely way.” Sellers, Beverly Ashcroft, Annette Barnes, Margo Merrill

“You (Rod deJel) are like the angel of real estate.” Seller, Jose Paz

“After using 3 other agents, Rod has worked with me on 4 real estate transactions. I won’t use anyone else. He’s honest and worked hard!” Seller/buyer, Stacey McFadden